Tuesday, August 31, 2004

2004/2005 Plans

Projects and activities:

1) Migrating from DynaWeb
DynaWeb has been causing problems on chipmunk. Migrating to another product would be a good idea. This requires 2 projects:

a) finding, installing, testing another product. Must be free, easy, robust. ha. Which platform? Could I reconfigure my old Dell to be a sandbox (linux?) Could this actually be done in one semester?
b) the dyna suite is a pre-xml, sgml environment. Several changes need to be made in the (hundreds of) sgml files currently in use to make them completely xml compatible. (While all xml=sgml, not all sgml=xml.)

2) ContentDM, HST11-12
I will be speaking to Chris about the HST11-12 images project. I'd like to take that portion of the HST11-12 work back so that I can load the images (have some content to experiment with in ContentDM). The images need some reformatting and lots of metadata work.

In our quest for a product we abandoned our efforts to write general guidelines/best practices for projects. Time to pick this up again.

4) Publish Web Pages at UVM
The tutorial for basic publishing (with TechCat Kelly). Should now approach publishing on several levels: basic Composer/FTP, WebCT, WebGuide, Blogs (I am obviously NOT suggesting we write the complete WebCT or WebGuide pieces)

5) Workshops:
EndNote for CTL
PhotoShop Elements for UT&D
Adobe Acrobat and PDF for UT&D

6) Dr Is In, WebCT, TabletPCs, blogging
Ongoing faculty support in the above areas.

7) Continue the Master's program

8) Revamp CS005 for next semester. Plan activities around a once a week evening class instead of three times a week. Change some components, add/remove others. Broaden coverage of XML. Begin final project earlier, etc.

9) Plan for spring collaboration with Dona Brown on a Vermont Studies Program course project to digitize a related UVM holding. Based on student project from CS005. (Students scan, transcribe, markup and publish VT-related historical documents.)

10) Whither dSpace? Whither ETDs?
Would there be interest now in electronic thesis and dissertations on the part of the Grad College? Would writing an EndNote/Word template help this along? PDF files stored in dSpace for delivery?

11) Classics letters, Chaucer Duchess
Check on status of Jacque Bailey's letters project. Assist as needed. Ditto Laurel Broughten's Chaucer "Book of the Duchess"

12) TEI
Join consortium. Explore the new TEI P5.

13) Begin Alice recovery...

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