Friday, September 17, 2004


We (Dona Brown, Jackie Carr, Holly Parker, Chris Ruscio, and me) met on 9/16/04 to plan the future of the HST11-12 project. Our current plan is to:

1) Put the existing images in the ContentDM database in the next two weeks (Hope)
- determine appropriate metadata: which fields, what standards
2) Get additional images from a CD of Jackie's (Chris?)
3) Holly and Chris will recommend a URECA student to Dona who will meet with the student and write up a proposal. (Probably Malachi)
4) We will plan to do a demo for the History dept at an upcoming departmental meeting to show the collection, discuss ways it might be used in class, and offer support for how to do so.
5) We will meet with Jackie in a classroom where HST11 is expected to be taught to take a look at using the equipment, using the collection in the room, etc.

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